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    Pediatric Solutions for Long-Term Health

    We love working with children, introducing them to the world of dental care without fear, and creating a positive experience for them. It’s important to establish good dental care habits early on, so we do our best to create a happy, easy visit for your child to set them up for long-term success.

    Pediatric Preventive Dentistry

    At Murrayville Dentistry in Langley, we specialize in pediatric preventive dentistry, focusing on the importance of hygiene, early intervention with digital X-rays, and the use of education to establish positive habits. Our dedicated team ensures your child’s oral health journey starts strong, preventing dental issues and promoting a lifetime of healthy smiles.

    Pediatric Restorative Dentistry

    Our restorative pediatric dentistry services encompass a range of treatments, including S.S. Crowns, fillings, pulpotomy procedures, and the placement of space maintainers. Our experienced team is committed to preserving and restoring the dental health of our young patients, ensuring their smiles shine brightly.

    Pediatric Oral Surgery

    Our pediatric oral surgery services offer gentle and specialized care for young patients. Our skilled team is experienced in addressing pediatric dental concerns with precision and compassion. We understand the unique needs of children and are committed to ensuring their comfort throughout the surgical process. Whether it’s a necessary tooth extraction or a frenectomy to address tongue restriction, our goal is to provide safe and effective care that promotes our youngest patients’ well-being and oral health.

    Pediatric Emergency Dentistry

    Our pediatric emergency dentistry services are available to address urgent dental needs, including cases of broken or knocked-out teeth and toothaches in young patients. It can make you feel helpless as a parent to see your child in pain, and that’s why we do our best to accommodate you as soon as possible, with flexibility and ease.

    Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

    Our pediatric sedation dentistry services at Murrayville offer Nitrous Oxide, also known as “Happy Gas,” which is ideal for anxious or fearful children. This safe and gentle approach ensures a comfortable and stress-free dental experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We recommend scheduling your child’s first dental visit just after their first birthday or when their first tooth appears. Early dental visits allow us to stablish and monitor the development of their oral health and provide guidance on proper dental care.

    At Murrayville Dental Clinic, we provide several pediatric dental services, such as dental exams and cleanings, sedation dentistry, fluoride treatments, sealants, fillings, and other types of preventive care. Our entire team is committed to upholding your child’s oral health and comfort.

    You can prepare your child for their dental appointment by talking to them positively and reassuringly about the visit. Avoid using words like “pain” or “shot” and emphasize the importance of regular dental care. Bringing along their favourite toy or comfort item can also help make the experience more enjoyable.

    Fluoride treatments help strengthen and protect your child’s teeth against tooth decay. They are especially beneficial for children at higher risk of cavities due to diet, oral hygiene habits, or tooth enamel structure.

    We recommend scheduling dental cleanings for your child every six months. Regular cleanings will help to remove plaque and tartar buildup, preventing cavities and gum disease. Our gentle and experienced dental hygienists will ensure your child’s comfort during cleaning.

    Encourage your child to brush their teeth twice daily and floss once daily. Use a fluoride toothpaste and supervise their brushing until they are old enough to do it effectively on their own. Limit sugary snacks and/or drinks and try to foster healthy eating habits, including foods with lots of fibre that clean teeth naturally.

    We do offer dental sealants as part of our preventive pediatric dental care. Dental sealants are barely-noticeable protective coatings applied to the most used surface area of the back teeth to help prevent cavities in hard-to-reach areas.

    Talk to your child about their dental visit positively and reassuringly, and answer any questions they may have honestly. Bring a favourite toy or comfort item to help them feel more relaxed during their appointment. Our friendly and gentle dental team will also do their best to make the experience comfortable and stress-free.

    Scheduling a dental appointment for your child at Murrayville Dental Clinic is easy. You can call our office during business hours, submit the online appointment request form on this page, or stop by in person. Our helpful staff will help you find a convenient time for your child’s dental visit.

    What Our Patients Are Saying

    Dr Tina was amazing. Very kind and patient. Staff were very professional. Will be back 😃
    Lucy Plonis
    Lucy Plonis
    Dr Yaz and his team where awesome. Best dentist I have been too. Highly recommend Murrayville Dental . Both my children feel very comfortable with Dr Yaz and staff.
    Melissa Weller
    Melissa Weller
    The Murrayville Dental team is the best around! The office is run efficiently and smoothly. Appointments are always on time, and the whole team is very professional and pleasant to work with.
    Benjamin Peebles
    Benjamin Peebles
    Dr yaz is so very professional and gentle with his dentistry. It's great meeting a dentist who explains everything
    Meghan Ball
    Meghan Ball
    We're so happy we found this place! Dr. Tina is very calm and gentle. My daughter loves her new dentist!
    Jen Olson
    Jen Olson
    Compassionate and Professional Dental Care I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest appreciation for Dr. Yaz and Diana at Murrayville Dental. They have been taking care of my grandmother’s dental needs and their approach has been nothing short of exemplary. My grandmother often faces difficulties during dental visits, but Dr. Yaz and Diana have consistently shown an extraordinary level of kindness and patience with her. Their careful and gentle methods significantly reduce her discomfort and pain. We are immensely grateful for their dedication to making dental visits a positive experience for my grandmother. I highly recommend Murrayville Dental to anyone seeking a dental team that combines professional skill with a heartwarming touch.
    L T
    L T
    I’ve been seeing Dr.Tina and the team at the clinic for over a year now. I can’t express how happy I am! They are very detail oriented and have very high tech equipment. I leave there with some homework and areas to focus on for my oral care. I recommend this place to all my friends!
    Kamran Eghtesad
    Kamran Eghtesad
    "I had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Tina for dental care, and I can confidently say she is excellent at her job. Her expertise and professionalism shine through in every aspect of her practice. I felt at ease throughout the entire process, and she provided top-notch care. I highly recommend Dr. Tina for all your dental needs!"
    Elmira Jalali Saeid
    Elmira Jalali Saeid
    Dr. Yaz is very diligent and attentive in his work. He provides honest assessments and recommendations, and makes sure that you understand the reasoning behind them. He encourages questions, and enjoys answering them by providing clear and easy to understand explanations. Dr. Yaz’s assistant, Diana, is also very gentle and approachable. I highly recommend Dr. Yaz and his team at Murrayville Dental.
    Leen Alawieh
    Leen Alawieh
    Both the dentist and assistant were very patient and knowledgeable.
    Daniel calpy
    Daniel calpy

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    Our goal

    Our goal is to provide the perfect care for your children.

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